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The Dream Kitchen

Everyone has a vision of the perfect kitchen. But while we all dream of the perfect place to cook, building a kitchen is not as easy as it may seem. Before starting out on a renovation project, it is important to determine what exactly it is that you want to change about the space. Is it the size? The appliances? Or are the cabinets completely outdated?

If it is the size, it could be a matter of adding on a new addition to that particular area of the home, thereby expanding the footage. This will allow for more room to cook and entertain. A kitchen island would finally have a spot go, making the overall cooking experience more enjoyable as extra counter space is a fantastic thing to have. An addition requires that the homeowner obtain building permits. This process can be frustrating because if the incorrect permits are obtained, than there can be fines to pay once building has started, which will delay the process.
An addition will not only require an interior finishing job, but if you decide to build a kitchen by expanding the space, remember to factor in the exterior finishings into your overall cost.

Update the Old

If your kitchen does not need to be larger, but does need to be updated with modern cabinets, counters and flooring, completing these tasks require patience as well as a steady hand and a good eye. Once you remove old cabinets, they should be disposed of appropriately in order to reduce the clutter while trying to install new cabinets. Before going to the home and hardware store, measure your cabinets with complete precision. Many people bring home the wrong sizes, lengthening the whole process.

Unfortunately, people who take on renovation projects in the kitchen forget that they must consider the new plumbing and electricity. However, coordinating the schedules of many contractors can be tough and will leave you with an unfinished kitchen for an unpredictable amount of time.
Get It Done Fast, Professional and Right

Modular Home Additions can build a new kitchen quickly and professionally. Whether the need is for an addition, or simply renovating an existing space, Modular can offer fast service at a minimum of what other companies can, due to their specialized building process. Home additions are constructed offsite, in a climate-controlled factory, meaning that there is less of a mess and the job is non-intrusive to you and your family. Our contractors are able to complete any job in its entirety. Modular will obtain the needed permits, install new cabinets and flooring and also install heating, plumbing and the electricity. There is no lag time between jobs. By hiring Modular, you can ensure you will never be left with a partially finished kitchen.

Modular can give you the kitchen of your dreams in a cost-effective manner. Call us at 416-759-4663 to see how we can build you the kitchen you deserve.
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